Wednesday, November 10, 2010

HLL Factory

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It's like XML, but you can store source code in it.

It occurs to me that HLL application units should be easy to integrate with other types of application components. The current design allows any sort of application component to be integrated into the HLL logic - since HLL was conceived as the "high level" logic for applications. Interaction between HLL units (an agent approach) is fundamental to the design.

But, some application builders may want to incorporate HLL unit technology within other types of programs. I haven't thought of a reference or example application yet, but it seems kind of obvious conceptually. There may be an HLL infrastructure operating already. An application designed in some other way may want to interact with it, with either fixed or variable specifications for its exact purpose.

In such cases, an application may want to make use of an HLL Factory to construct an HLL unit on the fly that will interact with other HLL units just as one of them. The fact that HLL pushes the high level application logic specification into data would make it easy to create or modify the specification on the fly.

Creating a good HLL Factory set-up would take some thought in design, but is quite doable. So much so that I expect, as the concept of an HLL Factory matures (along with completing more of the code to version 1.0), it should surely be done.

I have added HLL Factory to the issues list, but not as a high priority. Since HLL is not version 1.0 yet (but getting closer every day - and I'll remind everyone that is it already possible to build applications) - and there is no existing HLL infrastructure anywhere out there (although there are agent systems running), I sense no great demand right now for dynamics to interact with an existing HLL infrastructure. The day will come however ...

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