Thursday, June 9, 2011

Talking to Machines

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NPR interviews related to human interaction with the artificial. Participants: Freedom Baird, Rollo Carpenter, Brian Christian, Caleb Chung, Dr. Robert Epstein, David Hanson, Jon Ronson, Bina Rothblatt, Martine Rothblatt and Sherry Turkle.


  1. Memorable moments:

    Sherry Turkle (42:40) "... slip over a boundary between relationships of projection to relationships of engagement." ... "I think what we're forgetting as a culture is that there's nobody home. There's nobody home."

    Jon Ranson (1:00:00) "And then, something happened that actually was kind of amazing." ... "It was kind of mesmerizing, because it felt like I was having a proper empathetic conversation with a human being, even though I know that robot Bina isn't conscious and has no sentience; that's just wishful thinking on these people's parts. Even so, it was like a great Renaissance portrait where suddenly it's like the real person. It's very easy to half close your eyes at that moment and think you're having a conversation with a real person."

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