Monday, August 8, 2011

Routine Behavior

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I've discussed before in my series of posts, notably in The Ghosts in My Machine: Chapter 2, that routine behavior or logical patterns are somehow difficult to accept as sophisticated enough to warrant examination in advancing machine intelligence. In my view, people can find routine logic difficult to think about and it therefore gets passed over. The uncomfortable feeling that superficially seems status oriented, might have neurological roots.

Over the years, I've become convinced that semi-unconscious or even unconscious routine behavior can be somewhat sophisticated - probably moreso than we might first imagine. It's as though our brains want to suppress thoughts about routine logic. There may be a very logical explanation for why it would - to keep us from being overwhelmed - to make our thought -> action responses more efficient. That's a classic explanation that I believe can be applied to a higher level of logic than has been associated with unconscious thought before.

Just thought I'd post what appears to me to be a related article: Could inner zombie be controlling your brain?

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