Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WebSocket Demonstration on Microsoft Internet Explorer

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It's like XML, but you can store source code in it.

(January 12, 2013: Related article: WebSockets with Apache Tomcat and HLL)

The main article introducing the WebSocket server demonstration did not include much information about running it on Microsoft Internet Explorer. MSIE is a bit crippled until Google frame is installed, but here I've made the process as painless as possible, I think.

First, fire up MSIE and click on this link: Step 1. That should automatically call up a window asking if you want to install Google frame. Accept terms and conditions, etc. and wait until the process completes. You'll probably end up on a page suggesting an interesting vacation spot. You can close that page and return to this one.

Then, just go to the demo page: Step 2. The demonstration should work.

Leave a comment if you try it. I only have personal access to so many computers running MSIE. Would like to know if this works for everyone. If you comment on a problem, please note the version of MSIE and operating system.

The HLL WebSocket demonstration running on MSIE.WebSocket on MSIE

(January 12, 2013: Related article: WebSockets with Apache Tomcat and HLL)

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