Saturday, May 23, 2015

Routine Logic: An Example

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— Home of XPL (eXtensible Process Language)

It's like XML, but you can store source code in it.

In the short comment "Routine Behavior" August 8, 2011, I argued that:
... semi-unconscious or even unconscious routine behavior can be somewhat sophisticated - probably moreso than we might first imagine. It's as though our brains want to suppress thoughts about routine logic. There may be a very logical explanation for why it would - to keep us from being overwhelmed - to make our thought -> action responses more efficient. That's a classic explanation that I believe can be applied to a higher level of logic than has been associated with unconscious thought before.
I think the following video provides some food for thought on this topic.


  1. Great post, hadn't heard about Dinic's algorithm before.
    Btw, there a typo in the second figure. The in-flow to t is 20, where the upper in-edge should have 9/10. 123movies

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