Friday, September 10, 2010

First Post

Visit the High Level Logic (HLL) Website
— Home of XPL (eXtensible Process Language)

It's like XML, but you can store source code in it.

This blog is being started for the High Level Logic (HLL) Open Source development project that is housed on Yes, for those of you who have not been there, there is a website named This is not an mistake in which I've accidentally mentioned Java programming resources for networking. If you're interested in open-source, you should sign up for a free account. Although they explain that the site hosts open-source projects involving development in many different languages - I still have the impression that it's Java oriented. Maybe people just got that impression from the name of the site - which is after all, Started by a small group of Sun employees, I'd guess their thought was to advertise the fact that the site technology itself is very Java oriented - but I am assured that they are willing to house non-java projects.

I'm rather new to the site myself, and to its resources, and was actually attracted to it because it's called High Level Logic (HLL), which I will be discussing in following posts, is written in pure Java. The first offering is a very light-weight prototype written entirely in Java SE (formerly known as J2SE). But there is already a description of an advanced version using Java EE (J2EE) and integration other open source assets.

Even though HLL is not described yet in this blog, I'll point you to an article that mentions the concept (happens to be about robot ethics, but HLL is a general purpose framework) and to the project website on

BTW: The company mentioned in the article, iRobis, no longer exists. Contact me directly if you have any interest in HLL or the robot learning software.

2BTW: To access a project on, you must first sign up for a account, then contact the project owner for permission to access the project.

Article: Brainstorm Responds to Robot Ethics Challenge
Open Source Project: High Level Logic (HLL)

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