Friday, September 24, 2010

Google Programmer Wanted

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It's like XML, but you can store source code in it.

HLL Issue #12 - Fast Processing Large Amounts of Distributed Data

Google is exceptionally good at dealing with large amounts of distributed data. If you haven't tried the latest version of Google Chrome, you should; but you already know that the Google search engine now comes close to performing miracles. Google also offers an API and an opportunity to use their physical infrastructure for rapid processing of large amounts of distributed data in your applications.

It would be of interest to this project if someone is interested in investigating the use of Google technology to support HLL applications with large amounts of distributed data. I (project owner rogerfgay) would be happy to support such an investigation with ideas on the concept and integration with HLL.

Becoming part of the HLL project requires (free) registration at Then send me your registered name to request "observer" status for the project: